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En Iko Christianna - Dream vacation in the picturesque fishing village of Olympiada, Chalkidiki in Greece!

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 Welcome to our charming house under the name "En Iko Christianna" derived from the combination of our first names and the ancient Greek "En Iko" meaning "in the house of" that indicates the intimacy we like to show to our guests.


Our effort to offer excellent hospitality is recognized by the Greek National Tourism Organization which awarded us with 3/4 * keys.


For this reason we believe that our home, which you should consider yours during your stay, is something special.
Our family-run hotel offers you all amenities for a memorable vacation and provides five 45qm 2-bedroom apartments that offer enough space for 2-4 persons. The apartments are fully equipped with everything you will need for a comfortable stay!


The house is located in Olympiada Chalkidiki, a place of great beauty which you can see for yourself through our website;

personal experience will always be more exciting than picture though!


We look forward to meeting you!


Christos and Anna Kanelli

Olympiada Chalkidiki

*(The scoring system (with keys) for holiday apartments is equivalent to the evaluation system of hotels in stars and is valid all around Europe).

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