The history of Olympiada



Olympiada is a beautiful small village with 650 inhabitants, founded by refugees of Asia Minor's Agia Kyriaki in 1923.

According to a local tradition the name of the village was given by Alexander the Great in memory of his mother, Olympiada, who was bannished there by the king Cassander.

Although there is no confirmation of this hypothesis, this statement bears a certain historical truth.



Culture and History of ancient Stagira

500 meters southeast of the modern village of Olympiada across a small, mountainous and beautiful peninsula called "Liotopi" lies the city of Ancient Stagira. The exact location of the city was identified based on the references from historical writers and modern research as well. 


Evidence from the past positioned the city of Ancient Stagira by the sea and in most cases opposite a small island named "kapros".

Nevertheless, the house of Aristoteles himself was never located up to date.

The small inhabitable island that lies today in this region is called "Kafkanas" and is located 1.5 miles across the ancient city.

However, due to the presence of historical ruins there, it is postulated that is was inhabited the during the Classic and Byzantine period.


Ancient Stagira was initially inhabited during the 7th century BC by people from the island of Andros and the town of Chalkidas.

Following a rebellion in 424 BC, the city allied with the Spartans and then was again captured by the Athenians ending later to became a member of the Chalkidiki Alliance.

In 349 BC the city was destroyed by King Philip the second during the Olynthian war and was later re-built by Philip himself in honor of Aristotelis who he greatly admired. Nevertheless, the house of Aristoteles was never located up to date.


The archaeological findings of ancient Stagira are nowadays located between two hills in the northwest part of the Olympiada (


A short walk around the ancient remnants provides a unique opportunity to learn about the culture of the place and at the same time offers a panoramic view of the sea and the wider bay surrounding the village of Olympiada.

Today the village stretches along a beautiful coastline ending up in a bay that creates a natural port.

It is surrounded by green mountains and beautiful beaches which offer a spectacular resort for our visitors.

Following a pleasant stroll around the paths of Ancient Stagira the visitor may descend towards the village of Olympiada and finish her/his tour relaxing by the beach!


Aristoteles(384 b.C., Stagira)                                                                    A walk you´ll not forget

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