Suitcase Packing list - prepare for vacation


Olympiada offers a variety of shops that can provide all the necessities needed for a comfortable vacation. In order to assist you with your preparation however, we have organised a list of things that would be wise to have with you during your trip.

This holiday checklist, which can also be printed, will ensure that nothing vital for your vacation will be forgotten!


Last minute rush!

A common reason to forget something while preparing your holiday trip is often the rush. Therefore, you should take sufficient time to go through the holiday checklist. Packing suitcases alone represents only a small part of the preparation!

keep in mind that a time-consuming procedure is the issuing of a passport (for  EU travelers an ID would be sufficient).

Moreover, specifically for people visiting Olympiada, it is wise to carry along long-sleeved shirts, a light sweater and long trousers to cope with the cool breeze blowing down from the mountains surrounding Olympiada even during summer!

For an unforgettable holiday time, check your packing list and get ready for a stress-free trip!


Holiday checklist :

□ Air tickets, vacation documents, reservation at "En Iko Christianna" in Olympiada

□ Visa (when required)

□ Road Map (if you are interested to further explore the area)

□ Guidebook (if you are interested to further explore the area)

□ ID / passport / Children's ID

□ Medical Insurance

□ Travel insurance

□ Vaccination

□ Cash (exchange)

□ Credit card, ATM card

□ Driving license (internationally valid)

□ Navigation device

□ Cell Phone + Charger + any adapters for foreign outlets

□ Check international packages of mobile operators

□ Check mobile phone and Internet fees abroad, disable the Internet if necessary

□ Phrasebook / dictionary

□ Important addresses and phone numbers (hotel,embassy ,emergency, insurance, etc.)

□ Ensure that you provide contact information of your holiday destination to relatives / friends

□ Suitcase, travel bag, suitcase lock + key

Clothing - items for the summer:

□ Bathing suit (more than one if possible to change when needed) for summer vacation on the beach

□ Slippers or flip flops

□ Towels (beach towels, bath towels)

□ Hat, Cap

□ T-shirts, Tops (number depending on the duration of the holidays)

□ Short trousers, shorts

□ Long trousers for the evening

□ Thin Long sleeve shirts, light sweaters

□ Cardigans

□ Dresses, skirts

□ Jacket for the evening

□ Sneakers, walking shoes for excursions & outdoor activities

□ Sportswear, tracksuit

□ Underwear, sneakers Socks

□ Summer shoes

□ Sun Protection (especially for children!)

□ Rain coat for emergency

□ Light nightwear

□ Leggings, pantyhoses

□ Scarf

□ Sunglasses

□ Jewelry

Cosmetics / toiletry items:

□ Sunscreen (different light protection factor for children min. SPF50)

□ After- Sun lotion

□ Lip balm with SPF

□ Shower Gel + Shampoo (shampoo with sunscreen if possible)

□ Soap

□ Toothbrush, toothpaste

□ Deodorant, perfume

□ Shaving kit

□ Depilatory cream

□ Waterproof mascara + makeup

□ Evening Makeup (lipstick, eyeliner, etc.)

□ Makeup removal wipes

□ Body Lotion

□ Hairbrush

□ Hair dryer, curling iron, hair straighteners

□ Hair clips, hair tie

□ Nail polish + remover

□ Glasses, contact lenses + accessories

□ Washcloth

□ Bathrobe

□ Handkerchiefs

□ Hand Mirror

□ Tampons / sanitary towels

□ Nail scissors, nail file

□ Headache pills

□ Remedy for diarrhea , constipation, stomach problems

□ Painkillers

□ Travel nausea tablets

□ Ointment for sunburn

□ Disinfectant spray

□ Thermometer


General holiday equipment:

□ Camera + memory card + charger

□ Video Camera

□ Sockets adapter

□ Handbag, beach bag, backpack for excursions / outdoor activities

□ Beach toys (water polo, bucket with shovel, ping pong , badminton , frisbee , etc.)

□ Sunglasses

□ Books, newspapers

□ Puzzles

□ Notebook, block + pins

□ MP3 player, iPod + headphones + charger

□ Travel Radio + batteries

□ Beach shelter, sun protection for the beach

□ Snorkeling goggles, flippers

□ Ice packs

□ Flashlight

□ Bottles for water-refreshments

□ Binoculars, compass

□ Travel iron, soap

□ Travel sewing Kit

□ Fishing equipment

□ Hiking gear

□ Mosquito bite repellent

□ Board games, card games

□ Musical instruments. lyrics book

□ Neck pillow, pillow


Do not forget also to prepare some things at home before leaving!

For a longer holiday make sure that relatives, friends or neighbours are willing to help you with the day to day activities such as watering the flowers, emptying the mailbox or feeding the pets.

Before departure:

□ Prepare meals for pets

□ Empty mailbox

□ Empty the refrigerator, defrost (for longer trips)

□ Consume perishable foods

□ Close the windows

□ Water the flowers

□ Discard the garbage

□ Redirect mail accounts (for long trips)

□ Check out that your car is parked in a legal spot during your absence

□ Pull out the plugs

□ Turn on the answering machine, redirect the calls to your mobile phone

□ Turn off the water and electricity supply

□ Turn off heater, stove, iron


And the last one:


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